August 3, 2023

Des Moines, IA - In light of recent charges filed in the state regarding possible sports wagering violations by student athletes, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) would like to affirm that it does not currently have any information that would call into question the integrity of any sports wagering contest or event involving the University of Iowa or Iowa State University. 

The IRGC has conducted a thorough review of wagering information available within the regulated markets in Iowa, which includes a review of how wagering lines move, number of wagers, size of wagers, types of wagers, the settlement of related wagers, discussions with integrity partners, and discussions with the sportsbooks that conduct business and review markets in other states. 

As the regulatory agency responsible for gambling and wagering laws in the State of Iowa, IRGC administers the laws and rules for gambling and wagering to ensure the integrity of licensees and their operations. Specifically, as part of the IRGC’s responsibilities to regulate sports wagering, the IRGC is always examining wagering activity utilizing information available from integrity monitoring providers, sportsbooks, other regulatory jurisdictions, sports leagues, law enforcement, and the public. The IRGC will be reviewing this matter further to determine if any administrative violations occurred by any licensed operators in Iowa.  

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI), IRGC cannot provide further comment or additional details.