In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22, public records controlled by the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission are available for examination.  Public records requests may be made by email, in person, by mail or by using our online contact form.  When requesting records, please indicate the types of records that are sought, and any keywords or search terms that would help locate those records.

Iowa Code Chapter 22 also provides for the protection of certain information.  If a request contains confidential information, the requestor will be provided details of any records or information that cannot be provided.  Many records will be provided without a cost.  However, the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission may assess a fee for productions of the records, as allowed under Iowa Code Chapter 22.  This fee will not be in excess of the cost of providing the service.  Commission staff will assess the scope of the request and determine the amount of time the request will take, and if applicable, the volume of documents that are being requested, to determine whether a fee will be necessary.  The requestor will be contacted to authorize any charge prior to the preparation of any public records.