Administrative Rules

Full Administrative Rule Book – All rules promulgated and enforced by the Racing & Gaming Commission

IAC 491 Chapter 1 – Organization and Operation – Functions of the Commission including issuing of licenses; approval of contracts; and retention, storage and destruction of records

IAC 491 Chapter 2 – Rule Making and Declaratory Orders – Processes to request the Commission promulgate amend or repeal a rule, as well as the procedure for petition of the Commission regarding advice or interpretation of any statute or administrative rule within the Commission’s purview.

IAC 491 Chapter 3 – Fair Information Practices – Exceptions and Amendments to the rules of the Governor’s Task Force on Uniform Rules of Agency Procedure to fair information practices, as printed in the first volume of the Iowa Administrative Code.

IAC 491 Chapter 4 – Contested Cases and Other Proceedings – Procedures for hearings before the Gaming Officials, Board of Stewards, Administrative Law Judge and the Commission and the penalties that they are allowed to assess, along with the appeal rights.  Also outlines the procedure for a contested case hearing before the Commission.

IAC 491 Chapter 5 – Track and Excursion Boat Licensees’ Responsibilities – Responsibilities of the licensees’ which must be complied with in order to hold a licenses to conduct pari-mutuel wagering or casino gambling.

IAC 491 Chapter 6 – Occupational and Vendor Licensing – Rules and procedures for the licensing of individuals participating in any capacity in a race meeting or with casino gambling.

IAC 491 Chapter 7 – Greyhound Racing – Rules to govern the operation of greyhound racing in Iowa.

IAC 491 Chapter 8 – Wagering and Simulcasting – Rules for pari-mutuel wagering and the rules for sending or receiving a pari-mutuel signal in the State of Iowa.

IAC 491 Chapter 9 – Harness Racing – RESCINDED

IAC 491 Chapter 10 – Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing – Rules to govern the operation of horse racing in Iowa.

IAC 491 Chapter 11 – Gambling Games – Requirements for specific gambling games in Iowa, and their approval.  Also contains the process and requirements for obtaining a manufacturer and/or distributor license for gambling games, and the requirements to maintain that license.

IAC 491 Chapter 12 – Accounting and Cash Control – Procedures for record keeping and accounting controls.  Includes controls for cashier’s cage, drops, counts, cash acceptance, gaming chips, slot machine recording requirements, and jackpot payouts.

IAC 491 Chapter 13 – Sports Wagering – Rules to govern the operation of sports wagering and advanced deposit sports wagering in Iowa.

IAC 491 Chapter 14 – Fantasy Sports Contests – Rules to govern the licensing and operations of fantasy sports contests in Iowa.

IAC 661 Chapter 141 – Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems – These rules are adopted and administered by the Department of Public Safety and set forth the minimum standards that must be followed by a licensee with respect to surveillance systems.