All persons engaged in administration, control or conduct of gambling games; or that work in a retail sportsbook at an excursion gambling boat/gambling structure/racetrack casino are required to obtain an occupational license from the Commission.  A license is valid for three calendar years.  All licenses are temporary until the completion of required background investigations.

Each applicant must complete and sign an application form prescribed and published by the Commission and pay a license fee set by the Commission, as well as any other associated fees that may apply.

License Fee:  $20.00 for Gaming Licenses

IRS 4506-C Tax Form Fee:  $6.00.  This fee is assessed by the IRS to process the form that is included in the background investigation for only Class A and Class C licenses.

Fingerprint Fee:  $42.00.  The Commission shall charge the applicant the fee set by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Investigation to cover the costs associated with the search and classification of fingerprints.