All persons participating in any capacity in a race meeting are required to obtain an occupational license from the Commission.  A license is valid for three calendar years.

Each applicant must complete and sign an application form prescribed and published by the Commission and pay a license fee set by the Commission.  In addition to the license fee, the Commission shall charge the applicant a fee set by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Investigation, to cover the cost associated with the background search and classification of fingerprints.

For racing industry participants, the Racing and Gaming Commission will accept fingerprint reciprocity with all jurisdictions.  It will be the applicant’s responsibility to provide proof of fingerprints by another jurisdiction within the previous six years.  Proof may be shown in the form of a racing license, affidavit, or letter from another jurisdiction at the time of licensing.  The Racing and Gaming Commission will not contact other jurisdictions to verify fingerprint dates.  Absentee owners must send proof of fingerprints from another jurisdiction with their license application.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications and fingerprint cards for horse racing licenses must be sent to the Licensing office at Prairie Meadows:

IRGC Licensing Office
1 Prairie Meadows Drive
Altoona, IA 50009
Ph: 515-967-1260
Fax: 515-967-1290

Applications sent to the incorrect office may be returned without process, or processing may be delayed.