July 18, 1984, the Commission: 

  • Granted a conditional three-year license to the Racing Association of Central Iowa for thoroughbred racing in Bondurant.
  • Granted a conditional three-year winter season greyhound racing license to the National Cattle Congress, who began operations on October 15, 1986 as Waterloo Greyhound Park in Waterloo.
  • Granted a three-year seasonal greyhound racing license to the Dubuque Racing Association, Ltd, who began operations on June 1, 1985 as Dubuque Greyhound Park in Dubuque.
  • Denied a conditional license to Nakoni Park, Inc. for horse racing in Cedar Rapids.
  • Denied a license to Council Bluffs Greyhound Association for greyhound racing in Council Bluffs.
  • Denied a license to Southwest Iowa Racing Association for greyhound racing in Shenandoah.
  • Denied a license to West Liberty for the Muscatine County Fair for greyhound racing in West Liberty.

August 28, 1984, a three-year conditional license was granted to Iowa West Racing Association for greyhound racing in Council Bluffs.  This facility opened on February 27, 1986 as Bluffs Run.

At the expiration of each initial three-year license, live racing dates were approved annually in June of each year.

December 20, 1984, Racing Association of Central Iowa's petition to change the location of their proposed thoroughbred facility from Bondurant to Altoona was approved. This facility opened on March 1, 1989 as Prairie Meadows.

March 15, 1985, a three-year license was granted to the Iowa Horse Racing Association, Ltd., for pari-mutuel harness racing at various county fair locations throughout the state. (1985 locations in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Denison, Nashua, Humboldt, What Cheer and  Monticello; 1986 locations-Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Humboldt, Keokuk, Denison, Spencer, and Monticello; 1987 locations in Des Moines, Humboldt and What Cheer and 1988 locations in Des Moines, Keokuk and What Cheer)

July 11, 1985, a conditional three-year license was granted to the Cedar Rapids Horse Racing, Inc. in Cedar Rapids.  On January 14, 1986, the license was voluntarily surrendered.

July 14, 1987, a license was denied to the Heartland Association for a horse track in Hiawatha and a renewal license was granted to Racing Association of Central Iowa.

July 1, 1989, legislation was enacted, allowing pari-mutuel wagering on simulcast races received by a licensed pari-mutuel facility conducting a minimum number of live performances.  Simulcasting is the telecasting of live audio and visual signals of pari-mutuel races received from an authorized racing facility for the purpose of pari-mutuel wagering.

July 1, 1989, legislation was enacted allowing the Commission to license qualified sponsoring organizations to conduct gambling games on excursion gambling boats in a county where the electorate approves a proposition by referendum.  

Excursion boat gambling referendums held in 1989:

  • August 15 - Clayton County (failed)
  • August 15 - Dubuque County (approved)
  • August 22 - Lee and Des Moines Counties (approved)
  • August 29 - Scott, Muscatine and Clinton Counties (approved)
  • September 5 - Jackson County (approved)
  • September 26 - Woodbury County (approved)